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A water resistant coating that seals and prolong the glue which also add to a more luscious looking effect. This is advisable as a daily homecare product to your client to be applied in the morning.

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HIGHLIGHTS: Eyelash Serum that lengthens, nourishes and strengthen natural lashes. Contains patented Biotinoyl tripeptide-1 to help promote growth of new lashes. Achieve thicker, fuller lashes in 2-4 weeks. Can be used on eyebrows and lower lash line for similar volumising effects. *Sold in bundles of 6 pieces

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Set of home care kit for sale to customers. Packed in white case with zipper.

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Easy removal of eye make-up even with water proof mascara or eyeliner. Formulated with natural protein for the delicate eyes. Suitable as a homecare product.

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A disposable application used with Lash Cleaning Lotion, Gel removal or Cream Removal. LashMagic micro swabs are design in L-tip shape with surface of 1.2cm long for efficiency at work.

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An oil free based liquid that thoroughly removes oil and dirt that got captured on the lash and skin on the eye line. This should be used before apply eyelash extensions and as a homecare.

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