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BROWXENNA® TWO-PHASE TONIC FOR HENNA RINSING Highlight:  - Gently removes dried layers of henna without washing out the colour on hair and skin - Effectively neautralises the effect of cleansers and restores the natural pH balance of the skin  - Light moisturising effect to complete the tinting procedure 

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BROWXENNA® MINERAL SOLUTION FOR HENNA MIXING Highlights: - Developed specially for mixing with BrowXenna® Eyebrow Henna.  - Unique formula of mineral solution - Enhances durability of tinting  - Does not contain impurities, addities and heavy minerals 

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BROWXENNA® SHAMPOO-FOAM FOR DEEP CLEANSING OF EYEBROWS Highlights: - Gently and deeply cleanses eyebrows, lashes and degreases the skin  - Gently removes dead skin particles for better fixatino of colour - Contatins aloe leaf juice to moisturise the skin and stimulate eyebrow and lash growth 

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