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The soft formula of cream-activator is designed specially to be used with BrowXenna Oxygen O2 tints. It guarantees a resistant colouring of eyebrows and eyelashes. 

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FixTone is used to stabilise the result after tinting to stop the dyeing process on the skin and hair. Silk hydrolysates, Keratin hydrolysates and Sophora extract contained in FixTone effectively moisturise, soften and strengthens hair. 

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Dye remover is suitable for correcting or eliminating errors made during the colouring process. It lightens the skin but does not affect the colour of dyed hair. The composition includes hydrogenated castor oil, which strenghtens hair and soothes the skin. 

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Smart Dye System Includes:  4 Oxygen O2 Tints (Black, Graphite, Warm Walnut, Brown) Clear Shade Diluter FixTone - Fluid Tone Stabiliser  Cream Activator Dye Remover

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