Two-Phase Tonic (100ml)

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  • - Gently removes dried layers of henna without washing out the colour on hair and skin
  • - Effectively neautralises the effect of cleansers and restores the natural pH balance of the skin 
  • - Light moisturising effect to complete the tinting procedure 

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Size 100ml
Quantity 1 bottle
Directions Spread the tonic on a cotton pad, soften the dried layers of the henna. Remove the henna in the direction of hair growth. Make sure that there are no traces of dye on the skin and under the hairs of the eyebrows. Repeat if necessary.



TWO-PHASE TONIC FOR HENNA WASHING OFF is created specifically for fixing the color. BROWXENNA® Tonic delicately removes dried layers of henna, without washing the color out of hair and skin. Soft composition and light moisturizing effect allow the tonic to complete tinting procedure correctly regardless of the complexity and skin type. Tonic effectively neutralizes the effect of cleansers and restores the natural ph-balance of the skin.

Composition: Sodium Chloride, Potassium Chloride, Hydrolate Melaleuca Alternifolia Leaf Water (Tea Tree), Hamamelis Extract, Perfume, Distilled Water

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