Not only beauty but other benefits do your fluttering new eyelashes offer. They are easy to maintain, long lasting, and always ready!

  • Wake up every morning looking beautiful.  No mascara, no toil, naturally gorgeous you.
  • If your eyelashes droop and make your eyes  seem dull, the Eyelash Extension brings you  a brighter look.
  • Looking for a low maintenance, long lasting eyelash solution that is ready 24/7? There you go.
  • Look rejuvenated, the Eyelash Extension lines your eye faithfully along the curve and gives a lift to the eye itself.
  • Eyelash Extensions help you save time while applying make up. And does not restrict you fromyour daily activities.




  • 无需刷睫毛膏或带假睫毛,每日早晨升起都是漂亮的。
  • 节省了化妆时间可让您睡个美容觉。
  • 美艳24小时,7天的效果
  • 夺目华丽,自然轻巧,使眼睛闪闪动人。
  • 运动间,素颜也让您自信满满。