1. Eyelash Extensions would cause own lashes to fall.

We have a simple Carragheen Rule of Thumb: we have created a formula that allows us to make sure the weight of each strand of Eyelash Extension matches each strand of your own lash. Thanks to this, the extension does not add unnecessary weight to your own lashes.

Refrain from unnecessary touching and tugging. And remember, your lashes need breathing space too! Customers who do not re-fill their extensions tend to have healthier lashes than those who frequently re-fill. Changing a new set every 4-6 weeks without re-filling allows your own lashes to breathe. If re-filling is necessary, try keeping it to only one time on the second week after you have got your extensions.

2. Natural lashes that fall off will not grow back again.

Carragheen provides eyelash strengthening serum at the end of each Eyelash Extension that enhances your own lashes with protein and collagen. You can also get this serum for home maintenance. This will definitely strengthen your lashes while you still have Eyelash Extensions on.

3. Eyelash Extensions may cause infection.

Infection is mainly caused by bacteria. The simple precaution to take: keep your Eyelash Extension clean and do not wear a set of extensions for more than 4-6 weeks. This is also why our advice earlier, to change to a new set of extensions in 4-6 weeks time. It would allow us to thoroughly clean your eyelids of accumulated debris.

4. Maintenance is a hassle.

Unless re-filling is needed, you will not be troubled to come back in 2 weeks time to maintain the full look. Only gentle brushing of Eyelash Extension is required to keep it neat and in shape. And we give a complimentary brush for maintenance too!

5. How do I wash my face?

For easy and thorough cleaning, you may use disposable cotton pads. This way you can clean the pores better than splashing water on your face. Alternatively, you can purchase a facial mitten at our counter.

It also acts as a gentle scrubber.

1. 美睫会使原来的睫毛脱落。

我们在拥有的经验法则里,设计了一个独特的配方,确保嫁接的每一根睫毛与原来的睫毛重量配合。 这样,原来的睫毛就不会有多余的负担。不要随意触碰、拉扯美睫。注点:您的睫毛也需要呼吸生长的空间!与那些经常添补美睫的顾客相比,不添补睫毛的顾客,她们的睫毛更为健康。定期在每4到6周更换睫毛,能让您原来的睫毛有呼吸生长的机会 。如果美睫确实需要添补,尽可能在美睫嫁接后的第二周添补一次。

2. 脱落的睫毛不会再重新的生长了。


3. 美睫会引起感染。


4. 护理太麻烦了!


5. 我要怎么洗脸呢?