Our Humble Achievements

Master the art of eyelash extension with only the best. Winner of 2012 Korean Beauty Award for Eyelash Extension, Carragheen™ has over 10 years of beauty experience, led by our founder, Cherlyn Ng, who is specially trained in Japan. Now Carragheen specialised courses are extended to those who wish to make eyelash extension their career or part of their portfolio.

Demand for Top Eyelash Extension Specialist Outstrips Supply

Eyelash extension specialists with exceptional skills are hard to come by. That’s what makes Carragheen special to our customers as they value trusted brand and expert skills. Specialising in this niche beauty segment, Carragheen has been bringing the finest eyelash extension services to customers across the island and abroad.

Be an Eyelash Extension Special, trained by the Expert.

  • Learn from the best. Cherlyn is highly respected in eyelash work with a reputation for reliability and innovation.

  • Thorough and meticulously executed, the training adheres to the highest standards and ensures that the knowledge gained is of merit.

  • Upgrade your portfolio for a career as an Eyelash Extension Specialist.

For more information and registration: www.lashmagic.sg

Beauty aficionado and blogger Xiaxue loves carragheen lashes

And this is the best reason... you wake up beautiful! This something that falsies and mascara cannot beat!

Check out her full blog here: xiaxue.blogspot.sg/2012/07/wake-up-to-beautiful-lashes.html

Lash Magic – A unique product line by Carragheen

For the first time in Singapore, a comprehensive line of eyelash extension products has been developed under careful selection and quality control in Japan. Customers can now rest assured by the safety and durability of eyelash extensions with LashMagic by Carragheen.

Eyelash by Carragheen

Dedicated to delivering the ultimate eyelash beauty, Cherlyn debuts LashMagic, developed with CarraTouch™, the finest techniques in Japan to enhance eyelash extension’s durability, comfort as well as safety. Along with her new showcase, Cherlyn is keen to impart and share her knowledge through courses designed for amateurs and aspiring professionals.

Website: www.lashmagic.sg
Facebook: www.facebook.com/carragheen