Brow Shadow

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US$ 18.70

#401Brow Shadow Lena Levi waterproof eyebrow shades have an incredibly silky texture that provides easy application and the most natural result with a matte finish. They give the eyebrows a clear shape, and also help to fill the voids and mask the imperfections.

Phenomenal resistance allows the shadows to stay on the eyebrows, without losing texture and color for 16 hours without tinting.

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Mode of application

Using a special brush, brush your eyebrows in the direction of hair growth.

Using a beveled brush, grab the shadows and apply to the eyebrow, carefully painting the skin.

Again, gently brush your eyebrow with a brush, fix the result with gel or wax.

If you wish, you can achieve a more saturated color if you apply the shadow with a wet brush. To create a beautiful contrast, you can draw an eyebrow arch with a luminizer or highlighter.

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