FixTone - Fluid Tone Stabiliser

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FixTone is used to stabilise the result after tinting to stop the dyeing process on the skin and hair.

Silk hydrolysates, Keratin hydrolysates and Sophora extract contained in FixTone effectively moisturise, soften and strengthens hair. 

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Size 50ml
Quantity 1 bottle


Soft creamy consistency, mixed without lumps. Perfectly distributed in the desired shape, without spreading out of the contour. Does not dry up at the moment of application. 

Oxygen O2 Smart Colouring System 

  • 1000+ Colour combinations - 4 basic shades in a mixture with cream-diluter fives more than 1000 new shades, from the most saturated to the softest ones.
  • Molecular Innovation - The innovation that allows colouring nanomolecules to penetrate easily into the structure of the hair, disclosing minimally the cutical layer. Thus ensureing consistent, flawless tinting
  • On / Off Skin Tint Technology - The technology allows to adjust the permeability rate of the dye to the skin surface

Balanced Formula and Care Complex 

  • Silk Hydrolysate - Gives smoothness and gloss 
  • Oats Hydrolysate - Nourishes, moisturises and protects hair
  • Keratin Hydrolysate - Restores keratin structure, ensuring consistent colouring 
  • Betaine - Moisturises and relives irritation, gives shine and improves hair structure
  • Panthenol - Has a regenerating, softening and moisturising effect on the skin
  • Urea - Holds water molecules in the intercellular space, has a moisturising effect

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