BrowXenna® Masterclass

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US$ 150.00

Take your first step to become a certified Brow Master! In this intense 6 hour training, learn the fundamental basics of Brow Henna and the essential knowledege of starting a business in this field.

Course comes with Certification issued by BrowXenna® Russia + SGD 100/ RM300 PRODUCT REBATES

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Course Overview 

What you will learn

    • Who we are. What is BROWXENNA®
    • How to craft a set of eyebrows that enhances your customer's features
    • Mistakes to avoid during crafting of form, henna colours and shade selection
    • How to work with face asymmetry
    • How to prepare the coloring composition for henna dyeing procedure 
    • How to apply henna on complex eyebrows (asymmetrical, damaged, gray, etc.)
    • How to navigate through the wide color palette of BROWXENNA® shades and accurately select desired color
    • Methods to prolong the durability of henna
    • Various techniques of henna coloring
    • How to calculate your profit from services in the beauty salon

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