CarraTouch™ Holistic Artistry (Basic)

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US$ 1,400.00

Learn from the pioneer as we reveal the secrets to our very own CarraTouch technique. A comprehensive 2-days workshop to equip you with strong fundamental basics of eyelash extensions and essential knowledge of starting a business in this field. 

Includes starter kit worth USD $200

Modules: Single Strand & Layer Weaving Technique, Colour Creative Theory

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Course Overview 


Part I -All about Eyelash Extensions

  • How Eyelash Extensions Started
  • About LashMagic by Carragheen
  • Types of Eyelash Extensions
  • Structure of Eyelashes
  • Common Ailments of the Eye
  • Benefits of Eyelash Extension 

Part II -The CarraTouch Technique

  • Pre-Eyelash Extension Guidelines
  • Analysing Customers' Eyelashes
  • Selecting the Right Type of Eyelash Extension
  • Eyelash Extension Procedure 
  • Ensuring hygience and safety  
  • Basics of Layering eyelash extensions to create a fluttery effect
  • Managing the speed of creating layers
  • Customising layers using assorted lengths of lashes
  • Managing the ratio of the varying lengths of lashes to achieve the airy effect

Part III -Creative Colour Series

  • Introduction to Creative Colour Eyelash Extensions
  • Understanding how different shades complement various skin tones

Part IV -Understanding Customers' Needs

  • Conducting Effective Consultation
  • Post Extension Care
  • Addressing Common Customers' Concerns
  • Cost & Profit Calculation


Part I - Demo and Hands-on Session

  • Preparing and sanitizing tools
  • Seperating lashes 
  • Applying Single Strand and Layering Eyelash Extensions using CarraTouch technique
  • Managing fine eyelashes and quick drying adhesives
  • Removal of Eyelash Extension using different types of remover
  • Correct Posture and Placement of Hands  

Part II - Case Study & Role Play

  • Consultation and Recommendation
  • Explanation of Eyelash Extension Procedures
  • Post Extension Care

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