CarraTouch™ Advance

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Be on the leading edge of eyelash artistry with the latest Russian Lash technique, Keratin Lash Lift with Semi-Permanent Mascara and Japanese Lash Up!

Learn the revolutionary technique in which 2-12 light-weight extensions are crafted into fans for application on each natural lash, creating soft but dramatic volume even for individuals with the sparest finest lashes. 

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Course Overview 


Part I - Russian Lash 

      • Introduction to Russian Lash 
      • The difference between Russian Lash and Classic Strand by Strand technique
      • Selecting the right type of lash and adhesive to create Russian Lash
      • Addressing challenges of creating Russian Lash

Part II - Pinching Technique

      • Picking up multiple extensions with tweezers 
      • Creating multi-dimensional fans using the pinching technique 

Part III - Russian Lash Design    

      • Lash Mapping
      • Creating the shape of Russian Lash extensions with choice of different styles 
      • Creating the tone or density of Russian Lash extensions with choice of different effects
      • Creating hybrid Russian Lash extensions

Part IV - Keratin Lash Lift with Semi Permanent Mascara

      • Introduction of Keratin Lash Lift with Semi Permanent Mascara & Lash Up
      • Choosing the right size and curvature of Lash Lift rods for different kinds of lashes
      • Managing the condition of customer's lashes through tactful use of Lash Lift products
      • Step by Step Process of Lash Up


Part I - Demo on Lash Design and Pinching Technique

      • Analyzing the natural lashes to customize the style and effect for the desired Russian Lash design
      • Lash Mapping of desired design  
      • Volume creation of fans with the pinching method & sliding method

Part II - Hands-on Session  

      • Seperating the natural lashes and applying the fans according to lash map
      • Managing fan gaps and direction

Part III - Correction of Non-Symmetrical Eyes

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