Care Tips

Though eyelash extensions are easy to maintain, the first twenty-four hours are crucial for a strong bond.

Follow these simple guidelines to maintain a new look and lifespan of your extension.

First 24 hours;

  • Keep you lashes dry and refrain from touching them.
  • Do not expose to water or steam to allow the adhesive to bond fully.

At least for 48 hours;

  • Avoid swimming or going into places like the sauna room. (After which, you can enjoy these lashes with little need to adjust to your lifestyle.)

General care;

  • Avoid using oil-based product or mascara on the lashes.
  • Apply the mascara sparingly on the tip of the extended lashes. Gently remove the mascara using water based remover.
  • Do not use mechanical eyelash curler as it will break the adhesive bonding on the extensions.

Common activities or behaviors that may shorten eyelashes lifespan.

  • Constant application of heavy eye makeup may reduce the lifespan of your eyelash extension.
  • A competitive swimmer who is constantly in the chlorinated water may lose some lashes earlier than the average person as well as someone who gets very frequent facials (weekly) or goes into the steam room daily.
  • Tenancy of rubbing eye occasionally or aggressively.

Protective Coating is applied on your initial set which acts as a sealer on the adhesive creating a stronger bond to the natural lash. It can be applied one to two times per week on the lashes to extend the lasting power of eyelash extension. We especially recommend this product to those clients with oily skin.

We recommend getting a touch up of every two to four weeks to maintain the fullness of your eyelash extension.

As the natural lashes cycle complete, eyelash extension will shed with them. Do not try to remove eyelash extensions on your own as pulling the extensions will damage your natural lash. Eyelash extension can be professionally removed by a eyelash adhesive remover. The removal process normally takes approximately 30 minutes.

Speak to our Lash Artist should you need have any clarifications. We will be delighted to speak with you.

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