Is there anyone who cannot or should not have eyelash extension applied?

The following conditions are not suitable for eyelash;

Cancer/Chemotherapy Recovery: Cancer patients can begin having eyelash extension applied once chemo has completed and lashes are beginning to grow in again. During this initial growth stage the lashes are weaker and thinner than they originally were. Choose eyelash extension 10mm lashes to be applied during this stage to thicken the lash line without causing stress to these weakened lashes. As stronger lashes start to grow, longer lashes can added for more fullness. For cancer patients whose lashes are growing back sporadically, our Lash Stylists can use special techniques to compensate for any gaps.

Alopecia: Eyelash extension should only be applied once lash growth has resumed. As with Cancer recovery patients, special techniques can be used to add additional fullness during the regrowth period and to compensate for any gaps.

Trichotillomania: Individuals with Trichotillomania (an impulse disorder characterized by the urge to pull eyelashes and other hair out) do not make good candidates for eyelash extension unless and until they have received effective treatment. Extensions may provide a stronger urge for these individuals to pull at their lashes if they are not undergoing treatment.

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