Shape & Colour Oxygen O2 Tint & Brow Lamination Course


Includes: 2 BrowXenna Certificates – Oxygen O2 and Brow Lamination

Oxygen O2 Starter kit worth (USD 120): Smart Dye System in 4 primary colours, 1x Dilutor, 1x Activator, 1x Stabiliser, 1x Original BrowXenna Oxygen O2 course book

Lamination Starter kit worth (USD 80): Lamination Cream 1, 2, 3, and Fixing Comb, 1x Original BrowXenna Lamination course book

Total Product worth: USD 200

Models Required: 2 on a practical day
Time: 10.30 am – 6.30 pm
Total number of training days: 2
Total duration: 16 hours 
Lunch Break: 1 pm – 2 pm 

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